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Knoxcoin - The
  • Alternative
eco friendly cryptocurrency


Why Knoxcoin ?

Built to Last

A secure Proof-of-Stake coin.

Modern and Efficient Wallet

KNX is an alternative Cryptocurrency with a modern and efficient working wallet.

Fair Distribution

No insider pre-sale or instant mining. 10% Premine for Bounty and Airdrops

2% Reward Per Year

The minted coins are distributed through Proof of Stake.

Energy Efficient

Mint Knoxcoin on any device.

Stable and Secure

Protect your investment.


knox: hi there
Anonymous4: Hi
Anonymous20: 누구 계십니까?
Anonymous36: pool?
Anonymous37: A few
Anonymous37: https://hobbyistpool.ddns.net/knox/ Best so far...
Anonymous36: Thanks.
Anonymous37: No problem.
knox: Hi All
knox: Sorry i am been a bit bussy
knox: Missing out on the shoutbox
Anonymous49: Hello all
Anonymous49: Great website an coin
Hobbyist: Hey, How is everyone?
knox: Hi
knox: Guys we opened our #Slack channel
knox: https://knoxcoin-slack.herokuapp.com/
knox: Hi
Anonymous206: ohh after a long time
Anonymous206: where is knox?
Anonymous301: knox dead
Created by Kainex

Available for
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Android
Knoxcoin is available 24/7

Knoxcoin, send KNX Worldwide in minutes, KNX a coin to united all people.

Latest News

KnoxCoin Complied

Knoxcoin, is happy to announce that our coin is ready to be launched, see the coin’s specs below. Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW/PoS Coin name KNOX Coin... read more

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